Our Space

a place for imaginative play and learning


Each child has a cubby in which to store jackets and bags, as well as a spot to keep papers and projects going home. All of our classrooms are bright and cheery, with ample space for children to engage in a variety of hands-on and imaginative play opportunities.  Our teachers take pride in the children’s work and display many projects on the walls throughout the year. Each classroom is thoughtfully decorated with age appropriate and thematic student creations.  Two of our classrooms contain hand crafted loft areas for the children to take their creative play to another level or cozy up with a book or toy for some quiet time.


One of the most desirable areas for our children at Hollis Preschool is the playground! Through all the seasons of our historic New England community, students are eager to be outdoors. The main focus of our completely fenced outdoor space is a newly acquired playset from Cedarworks (purchased in 2017).  Each preschool day begins and ends on the playground, with plenty of room and equipment for children to run, climb, swing, dig, and play ball, (weather permitting).  Outdoor play is most effective in children learning vast amounts of developmental tasks that are critical during the early childhood years.

Common Area

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