Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Health & Hygiene

What are Hollis Preschool's health and hygiene protocols?

Hollis Preschool is determined to set the bar when it comes to the safety of our children. We have made significant changes to our operations in an effort to provide the cleanest environment possible for everyone. Our philosophy with these protocols is to be effective and cautious while attempting to minimize the impact on our children. In the interest of transparency we wish to share these with our parents.  The following topics are areas of concentration for us:

  • General
  • Handwashing
  • Food
  • Bathroom / diapers
  • Cleaning
  • Outdoor Play
  • Drop-off/Entry and Pickup
  • Illness

Detailed information is available on our Health and Hygiene page.

What are Hollis Preschool's Handwashing procedures?

  • Children will be supervised during the use of hand sanitizer and hand washing to ensure proper technique.
  • If hands are visibly soiled, soap and water will be used instead of hand sanitizer.
  • Staff and students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after toileting, before and after eating, and as needed throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol.

What are Hollis Preschool's cleaning procedures?

  • An EPA approved disinfectant will be used for cleaning purposes.
  • Classrooms are cleaned after each day of school.
  • Bathrooms wiped down daily, and deep cleaned once per week.
  • Students with sudden onset illness while at Hollis Preschool will be supervised until a parent/guardian can pick them up. A thorough cleaning will take place once the child has left.

Enrollment and Class Information

What is the cutoff-date for my child to be eligible for enrollment?

Preschoolers who are two years old by September 1st of the new school year are eligible for enrollment in the 2 year old program. Preschoolers who are three years old by September 30 of the new school year are eligible for enrollment in the 3 year old program. Preschoolers who are four years old by September 30 of the new school year are eligible for enrollment in the 4 year old program. In the event a class does not meet the minimum requirement of registrants, that class will be canceled and those registered will be notified.

How much outside time do the kids get each day?

It is the goal of Hollis Preschool to get outside every single day.  Typically our morning programs end with around 15 mins of outdoor play before children are picked up or transitioning to their afternoon program.  If weather permits, Preschool staff may choose to begin the school day outside.  There are many times throughout the school day where classes will take advantage of nice weather and take class projects outside.

Keep in mind: our classes go out to play year round, so please remember snow pants, hat, mittens and boots during the winter months.

As a general policy we will not go outside when it temperature “feels like” 25 degrees or below.

Are children required to be potty-trained to enroll at HPS?

Yes. Children are required to be potty trained in the 3 and 4 year Old programs at HPS. Children in our Two Year Old program are reminded/encouraged to use the bathroom throughout the day as well as the older classes. Diapers are changed as needed. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's toileting plan with the director and classroom teachers as their needs change.

Getting Involved

As a parent, how can I get involved with the preschool?

As a non-profit organization, Hollis Preschool relies on parent volunteers. In an effort to provide interesting enrichment activities, we will be asking for your help in many ways over the next year. From fundraising to field trips, we always need your support!

You will be asked to sign up for various opportunities in the beginning of the school year and to let us know any hobbies/interests you would be willing to share with the children. Please join us as we continue to make Hollis Preschool a great place for our children to learn and grow.

What is the Board of Directors?

Hollis Preschool is a nonprofit organization and runs under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of current parents with children enrolled at Hollis Preschool, alumni parents, community members and the Director of Hollis Preschool.
The primary work of the Board is to make decisions on behalf of the Preschool community.  The Board works as a team to make sure that all decisions are executed legally and in accordance with the rules put forward by the State of New Hampshire. If you have any questions regarding the preschool, please feel free to contact any member of the board.

Meet our Current Board Members >

Can I join the Board of Directors?

Yes! We are seeking talented and conscientious parents to lead and strengthen our early childhood educational impact for preschool age children in Hollis and its surrounding towns. If you can contribute your time, thoughtfulness, and leadership one evening per month and are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact our Chairperson at and find out if this is the right opportunity for you. We welcome all applicants, and are especially looking for parents with experience in finance, marketing, program & curriculum development, fundraising, and nonprofit management.


When is tuition due?

The tuition installment, due June 1st, is one of ten payments for the school year. The balance of the tuition is collected on a monthly basis beginning on September 1st and ending on May 1st. Please contact our Bookkeeper, Director or Chair if you have any questions about your payment schedule.

How do I pay my child’s tuition?

All tuition payments, including deposits, registration and late payments, will be invoiced and paid through ProCare. If you run into any issues with billing, please speak with our Director.

Please keep in mind that no bills will be mailed as it keeps operating expenses and tuition low.

Do you offer a discount to families with more than one child enrolled at HPS?

For families with multiple children attending Hollis Preschool, a 2nd, 3rd, etc. child receives a 10% discount on the lesser priced program. Please contact our Director for more information.

Does HPS offer a discount for active military families?

Effective July 10, 2018, the Hollis Preschool would like to offer a 10% discount to those families who have a parent or guardian in active military duty. This discount is only applicable to regular, monthly tuition (i.e. 2s, 3s and 4s programs). Upon registration, please provide documentation showing that a parent or guardian is active military.

Does HPS offer financial assistance to families facing financial hardship?

Financial Assistance is based on fundraising events throughout the school year. These monies are limited but available to assist families facing financial hardship. These funds are on a first come first serve basis and are approved by the Board of Directors. The Board strongly encourages in kind services and/or volunteer time to help with offsetting tuition costs. Hollis Preschool is a non-profit organization and as such, all operational revenues are used to absorb the operational cost of the school. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please send a request to for an application. Please note that on the application we will request financial information to determine eligibility.

What To Bring To School

What kind of bag should my child use?

Please send your child to school with a large, square-type tote bag with your child’s name marked clearly on it. PLEASE DO NOT SEND BACKPACKS! Our teachers find backpacks can cause a great deal of frustration for a child when he/she is trying to bring home papers or projects which they do not want to fold or crumple.

Should I send in an extra set of clothes?

Just in case, we ask that each child in the 2 and 3 year old program keep an extra set of clothes at school. Please send a bag with the child's name on it containing a tee shirt, sweatshirt, pants or leggings, underwear, and socks, which will remain at school for the year.

Please remember to SEND EXTRA FOOTWEAR (shoes or slippers) each time that your child wears boots to school. We have surprise fire drills on a monthly basis. Wet boots are removed upon entering the school, so children with no dry footwear will have to go outside in their socks. Stopping to put on a pair of boots would defeat the purpose of the fire drill.

Are meals provided?

We ask families to provide snacks and lunches on a daily basis for their own child.  All 2s and 3s classes take a mid-morning break for snack time, when the children sit around the table in small groups to enjoy a healthy snack.  4s classes take a mid morning snack break and also eat lunch together in small groups.

A few notes about snack/lunch time:

  • Please send your child to school with a filled water bottle. The school will provide refills if needed
  • Snacks should be sent in on a daily basis for all classes
  • Lunches should be sent in on a daily basis for all 4s students and 3s students attending lunch bunch
  • For celebrations (including birthdays) communal food may be sent in. Just remember it must be nut free
  • Hollis Preschool is a NUT-FREE environment.

Please refer to the Snack/Lunch Time policy and suggested healthy snack ideas

School Policies

Is Hollis Preschool a nut-free environment?

Yes, Hollis Preschool is a PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE and CANDY FREE school. We ask that all labels of snack items that are brought into the school be carefully checked for peanuts, nuts, and traces of nuts. Parents must also read the labels carefully to ensure that the snack was not manufactured in a facility that processes nuts.

What is the school’s discrimination policy?

Hollis Preschool does not discriminate against students or their families on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, religion, income, language, learning difference, family structure, or any other characteristics that make our students & supporting community unique.

Do you follow the Hollis/Brookline (SAU 41) calendar for holidays and school vacations?

Yes. We follow the SAU 41 calendar to all vacations and holidays. The Board of Directors will include a monthly calendar and outlook calendar for 1-2 months with every newsletter. Please refer to our monthly newsletters for monthly information regarding days off.

What is the school cancellation / snow day policy?

When school is canceled, we will post the info on WMUR Channel 9. This info can be viewed on tv or at We will also inform parents via the email address provided for email communication, and post on the school's Facebook feed.

If inclement weather causes a delayed opening in the SAU 41, Hollis Preschool morning classes will be canceled. In the event of a delayed opening, our afternoon classes WILL run (Kindergarten Readiness, Enrichment, Full Steam Ahead, Freedom Fridays). A delayed school opening in SAU 41 for reasons other than inclement weather (such as boiler problems) does NOT cause a cancellation of any classes at Hollis Preschool. Early dismissal of classes in SAU 41 due to inclement weather will coincide with no afternoon classes.

Classes canceled will be made up after 5 missed days; after 5 days, every 3rd missed class will be made up. These make ups will happen during the week immediately after Hollis Preschool's scheduled last day.